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If you’ve ever wondered (and you know you have) what would happen, if the worlds of animation and dating advice collided, like two runaway trains…the answer has arrived. Meet Jane Air. Not to be confused with Jane Eyre 🙂

Please visit http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/janeair & http://janeairblogs.blogspot.com/.

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To the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences: Shame on you for snubbing this celluloid gem.

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The two most important things you should know about Wild Swim’s music:

1) Like a massive, magnanimous exhale, it will blow your mind away, like it’s a pile of sawdust on a work table.

2) It will give your ears the kind of kiss your lips will envy, for weeks to come.

For supporting evidence, visit http://soundcloud.com/wildswimmusic/the-surrender

Once you’ve recovered, please visit http://wildswimmusic.com and http://soundcloud.com/wildswimmusic

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The medium of art is as expansive and intricate as a labyrinth. From graffiti to landscapes to portraitures to tattoos, the art of making art is an art form, in and of itself. And for every five artists that get formally trained at a top university, one decides to go the route of a home school education. Bob Soroka is that individual.

During the day, Mr. Soroka, a Michigan native, holds post as a Senior Designer at Chrysler. He has applied his creative talents to everything from power trains to interiors. However, when night (and the weekend) comes round, Mr. Soroka swiftly shifts his talents into sixth gear, and his imagination hits the skid pad, like a high-powered funny car.

As creator and owner of Kustom Haus, Ltd., Mr. Soroka has turned his talent for airbrushing, into a successful, lucrative business, with a clientele that includes Olivia-Newton John, Kid Rock, Sony Pictures and Cingular Wireless. Whilst he primarily enjoys decorating his various canvases (motorcycles, cars, boats and just about anything else) with flaming skulls and demon caricatures, Mr. Soroka is ready, willing and able to tackle any project with aplomb, without having to put a massive dent in his client’s pocketbook.

The included images are just a few examples of Mr. Soroka’s brilliance. For more info and project enquiries, Mr. Soroka can be contacted by email (bob@kustomhaus.com) or phone (810.656.6835). Visit his company’s site at http://www.kustomhaus.com.

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New Jersey has always been synonymous with rock star Bruce Springsteen. Its bragging rights are about to be doubled. Meet freelance writing rock star Heather Chadwick.

This 28 year old New Jersey native, in addition to being a graduate of prestigious Saint Peter’s College (BA in English/Communications), was formerly an Editorial Intern for the prominent publisher Simon & Schuster.

Since then, Ms. Chadwick has steadily cultivated an impressive writing portfolio. This includes two blogs spotlighting her candid and thoughtful observations/musings about life.

As a seasoned freelancer, Ms. Chadwick has assisted numerous clients, receiving plentiful, positive feedback, along the way. She deftly applies her talents to projects including academic/news/entertainment articles, blogging, ghost writing, fine- tuning cover letters, CVs and press releases.

In her rare moments of free time, Ms. Chadwick indulges her love of reading and TV, via Matt Taibbi, The New York Times, BBC and Rachel Maddow, among others.

Please visit http://www.heatherchadwick.net and http://heatherchadwick.blogspot.com/

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A montage of Mulder & Scully funnies. How I miss “The X-Files”…..

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In a music industry riddled, with preposterously-successful, profusely untalented, pasty pop confections, like Justin Beiber, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and the bevy of boring “musicians,” that have won the vapid, meaningless, corporate-conceived contest, known as “American Idol,” a band like Interpol, is precisely the shot of adrenaline, one’s music nervous system needs.

In 2002, this NYC-based post-punk quartet, a product  of an eclectic and electric music environment, that spawned fellow bands Yeah Yeah Yeahs and TV On The Radio, successfully reinvigorated rock, with their strikingly beautiful debut “Turn On The Bright Lights” (Matador Records).

Led by the haunting, brooding and distinctive vocals of frontman Paul Banks, “TOTBL”‘s dark, dreamlike ambiance, is further accentuated, by the harmonic/melodic flourishes, of guitarist/backing vocalist Daniel Kessler, former bassist Carlos D and drummer Sam Fogarino.

The album’s opening track, the brilliantly-titled “Untitled,” “TOTBL” hits you with a heavy dose, of wistful, sweeping guitars, a gorgeous bass line and drums that are powerful and epic, yet appropriately subtle. The centerpiece for this track, is, undoubtedly, Mr. Bank’s potent, pillow-soft vocals.

Other album highlights, include “NYC,” “Obstacle 1,” “Obstacle 2” and “The New.”

Interpol, over a span of nine years, have gone on to cultivate three subsequent albums, each receiving, more or less, positive and critical acclaim. However, “Turn On The Bright Lights” permanently established their place, in the echelons of Joy Division-influenced, atmosphere-heavy, post punk outfits, that aren’t afraid to wear their collective hearts on their sleeves, as they match so well, with the shirts and ties, that reflect Interpol’s dapper fashion sense.

Interpol are currently on tour, in support of their latest, self-titled release. For more info, visit http://www.interpolnyc.com.

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Today, the staff at DOACM gladly put their typing aside, to let Mr. Ta’Bon grace you with his message.


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For its 70th post, DOACM is proud to present the late Mitch Hedberg. This link will take you to the funniest “Comedy Central Presents,” of all time.


Kick back, relax and enjoy the show!

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It was never about the money or the fame or the possibility of title rings, until the Miami Heat came calling….

To the fans of the Cavaliers, God Bless You. Your team deserves a REAL leader.

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