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Long before Scoots and Tiz created DOACM, they began another epic project. Over a year after writing the rough draft (in a shoebox-sized apartment, in the dead of winter, in South Korea), AOP is officially complete, registered with the WGA-West and ready for the eyes of a producer.

To find out more and to “meet” Gerry (the film’s lead off character), visit him at his home on Facebook:¬†http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001890463742.

Prepare yourself, the “Ben Hur” of romantic comedies is on its way….

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Each day, in the US alone, millions of impoverished/underprivileged kids, in addition to going hungry and homeless, go without shoes. This, disgustingly enough, is also the same nation, that affords halfwits like “Jersey’s Shore”‘s Snooki a $35,000 paycheck, just to walk out in public, wearing a pair of tacky heels that cost as much as a semi-used car.

Something is seriously wrong.

That said, in honour of the upcoming, nationwide charity event, A Day Without Shoes, DOACM invites you to go outside, sans footwear. Whilst you’re at it, think about this: shoes, much like driving, are a privilege, NOT a right.

Please visit http://www.onedaywithoutshoes.com/ to find out more.

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